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WSP Switzerland AG imports and distributes wheels / rims as compatible spare parts.

1. Non-notifiable and requiring testing Wheels:
Are wheels (rims), registered in the type approval certificate or the type of vehicle in question and approved it.
As "approved" for the vehicle type shall wheels in the dimensions (rim width, rim width, offset) and the material (Steel / Aluminium) and the consistent "brand" with the entries according to type approval / type certificate.
All other variants (also intermediate sizes) are considered as "not approved".
What wheels are specifically approved for your vehicle, and thus need not be tested, can be obtained from WE, your garage / Pneuhaus or the vehicle importer. To answer such questions, the Typengenehmigungs- type or form number of your vehicle is required. Please have the vehicle pass.
Type Approved rim must not be checked and there is no entry in the vehicle license!

2. Reporting and audit subject Wheels:
According to Art. Para 34. 2 letter. f VTS has the vehicle owner or the governor of the Administration Report, if not approved on the vehicle wheels are mounted. Before further use of the vehicle, the change must be checked and entered on the rim of paper or in the vehicle license.
- Wheel spacers within the tolerance (Article 56, paragraph 3 VTS.): A trace broadening which occurs exclusively by attaching a non-approved with the vehicle wheels with a different offset is allowed provided the offset per wheel does not differ by more than 1 percent of the gauge . The approvals for such wheels the suitability declaration must (see Fig. Below) may be submitted by the manufacturer of the wheels or that of the original vehicle manufacturer.
- Wheel Spacers greater than tolerance or wheel spacers by mounting spacers: These wheel spacers are only permitted if the vehicle manufacturer (Art 41 para 2 VTS..) Under warranty or pursuant to Article 41, paragraph 5 VTS a guarantee of Umbauers based on a report of a from ASTRA recognized testing (eg DTC), which confirms the safety and operation. For the wheels themselves both the suitability of the wheel manufacturer declaration and such of the original vehicle manufacturer can be recognized.
- The rims must be visible and indelible have the mark of the manufacturer and the specifications of the dimensions in the tires fitted. If required, a wheel unscrew.
- The free movement of the wheels must be ensured in all load and driving conditions.
- When mounting the wheels and tires also have the provisions of the VTS are met over the wheel guards (eg Article 66, paragraph 2 and Article 104, paragraph 1 or VTS Directive No. 78/549 / EEC.....).

Special cases:
- Rims with hub-adaptation system / spacers or multi-part rims Can be approved if, in addition to the conditions mentioned above (. Example wheel spacers max 1% per wheel), the following requirements are met: The relevant measurements (rim diameter, rim width, offset, flange thickness) have on the corresponding components (rim, wheel spider, flange / spacer) be visible from the outside. This is necessary so that the dimension information of the rim manufacturer checked and the items can be identified. The manufacturer of the rims with hub-adaptation system / spacers or multi-piece rim shall make the whole system a suitability statement for the corresponding type of vehicle on which the resulting Gesamteinpresstiefe be seen.
- The use of different wheel / tire sizes, which are not provided on the approval or on the type certificate, are considered safe if the following conditions are met:
- Axis by axis same wheel / tire dimensions;
- Front tires no wider than those of the rear axle;
- The rear tire is not more than 40 mm wider than those of the front axle (dimension information on the tire);
- "Height / width ratio" of the tires of the rear axle does not exceed that of the tires of the front axle (nominal aspect ratio). If these conditions are not met, then the Eligibility Statement by the vehicle manufacturer or the proof of the safety and operation of a testing laboratory recognized by ASTRA is required. The rules regarding wheel spacers are observed.
- Asa approved wheels are no longer new reporting requirements. If a "asa-test report for wheels" is available for the wheels, the vehicle must not be demonstrated. The asa rims sheet can, if desired, be filled with the licensing authority. Whether there is a corresponding test report for a specific rim, you learn the seller.
Suitability declarations:
A suitability declaration must be issued by the manufacturer of the wheel. This is the label that the dimensions of the wheel and the exact description of the vehicle type for which the wheel can be admitted. Likewise must the Befesstigungsmaterial if these changes are listed on the suitability statement (adapter, centering rings, bolts, nuts). The suitability declaration must be stamped and signed in original
Suitability statements or certified copies of original suitability declarations by the importer or distributor of the wheels can be recognized. In the case of certified copies of the approval authority may request access to the original documents.
- TÜV parts certificate: An MOT certificate is not recognized as a suitability statement for rims. With the signing of the Declaration of suitability rim manufacturer is not responsible for the product and any damage, liability (product liability). The TÜV test report contains no warranty and no signature from wheel manufacturers and therefore does not meet the requirements that are placed on a suitability statement.
- ABE: A General approval by the German Federal Motor Vehicle Office (federal agency) is issued, may be accepted in lieu of a suitability statement for rims.

General note:
Be used with other tire dimension than on type approval / type certificate, as the target of the requirements for the tires and wheels / tire combinations in accordance with Article 58 VTS. In particular, the provisions of the ECE Regulations no. 30 and 54 as well as the standards according to ETRTO standard for wheel / tire combinations are binding.

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